nurse with wound

second private session
    – incl. ‘subterranean zappa blues’ (= ‘trouble every day’) (frank zappa)

2000 cd uk united jnana 2000

a collection of outtakes

steven stapleton
colin potter
peat bog
david tibet

  1. sugarbush vs. the swinging snares (5:44)

  2. optical illusion pad (7:46) [cmedd1161]

  3. organophosphorouse resistance in studio conditions (7:21)

  4. subterranean zappa blues
    my saxy baby (12:24)

  5. chuggin'
    phantom limb (amputation scene) (14:59)

  6. russolo, a little fella on very ordinary legs (on the verge of getting it on) (5:45)

  7. ernest needs a kidney (live studio jam) (6:41)

  8. rock'n roll station (atmospheric karaoke version) (5:53)