olga neuwirth & ici ensemble

who am i ? / no more
- incl. various zappa references, musical quotes and samples

2009 cd ger neos music neos 40807

live recording on december 3, 2007 at the 'muffathalle' in munich, germany

olga neuwirth: laptop, bicycle machine
ici ensemble
  philipp kolb: trumpet, tuba
  christofer varner: trombone
  leo gmelch: bass trombone, tuba
  david jäger: soprano and tenor saxophones
  roger jannotta: alto saxophone, flute, piccolo, clarinet
  markus heinze: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
  johanna varner: cello
  martin wolfrum: keyboards
  gunnar geisse: electric guitar, laptop
  georg karger: double bass, electric bass
  walter bittner: drums
  sunk pöschl: drums
  jenny evans: speaker
  suzanne michel: speaker
  isabelle luke: speaker
  gerd lohmeyer: speaker
  dim schlichter: speaker 

compositions by olga neuwirth

  1. who am i?  (incl. various musical zappa references and quotes)
  2. no more