thomas nordegg

Thomas Nordegg worked for Frank Zappa, videotaping concerts, etceteras.

Later, Thomas also worked for Mike Keneally and Steve Vai as a guitar technician. He can be heard saying a few lines on Steve Vai's "Real Illusions - Refelections" album.





  steve vai: real illusions - reflections
    (2005, cd, usa, favored nations)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa 2014 birthday bundle
    (2014, download, --, barfko-swill)
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  documentary: frank zappa - summer '82 - when zappa came to sicily
    (2017, blu-ray, usa, mvd visual) - featuring massimo bassoli, frank, gail, dweezil, moon and diva zappa, thomas nordegg and steve vai



random notes

     From: Patrick Neve (
Thomas Nordegg was a "video obsessive" for Frank Zappa.

What is a video obsessive?  According to the Video From Hell, "A video-obsessive is a person who takes VHS  pictures of himself pretending to play  "MUFFIN MAN" in a hotel room on his day off in Paris."  So Nordegg must have videotaped the 1982 tour, and he talks about the distinctive fish-eye lens that's used for the "Stevie's Spanking" concert footage from July 10th, 1982 in Rome.

He did video camera work for the 1987 segments of Uncle Meat.

Then, more recently, he went on the road with Mike Keneally and Beer For Dolphins on the "We're Not Here To Help" tour of '98.  It seems he heroically drove the band all over hell'n'back in his '89 Ford Aerostar, and performed all-around technical support.

Since then, according to this unofficial Keneally site, Nordegg has performed technical duties for Duran Duran, Project Helix, and Mike Ness (from Social Distortion).

Thomas Nordegg. Man of reason, man of rhyme, man of velcro. He does not eat. He does not sleep. (He may go into Standby mode; do not be fooled -- he is always awake; he is always listening.) Sometimes he expresses the feeling of pain or fatigue. Again, do not be fooled: this is but Nordeggese for 'I am experiencing technical difficulties.' 

     From: Michael Wofford (
Just wanted to let you know that I'm a Zappa and Keneally follower, and think that Thomas is a very cool and interesting person. So...just wanted to let you know that he's teching on the latest Vai tour (11/99).

I got to speak with him in St.Louis last night. I was speaking with Thomas in Madison, Wisconsin during the Keneally tour last November, and Thomas said to me,"You work on helicopters?" I said,"Yeah." He said,"I envy you."

I thought to myself--you envy me? My God, look what you're doing!!

Anyway, that made my night. Take care, Splat--

     From: Cortina Inn & Resort Guest Services (
I believe, from a conversation with Mr. Nordegg himself, that when he came to the US with Peter Wolf, he ended up on the Zappa payroll and more or less remained there right to the end of Frank's touring. He has also worked extensively with Warren Cuccurullo and most recently with Mike Keneally.  Feel free to correct me at will.

     From: Pat Buzby (
Merl Saunders (son of the Jerry Garcia-associated keyboardist of the same name) was the tech in 1988.



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