joan osborne

early recordings
    - incl. 'his eyes are a bluemillion miles' (van vliet)

1996 cd usa mercury 534 235-2

tracks 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,11: "soul show"
    recorded live, may 22, 1991

    joan osborne: vocals
    mike leslie: bass, dobro, backing vocals
    jim mussen: drums
    jack petruzzelli: guitar, backing vocals
    gary schreiner: keyboards
    amanda homi: backing vocals

    produced by tom fritze and joan osborne

tracks 3,6,8: "blue million miles"
    recorded 1992 & 1993

    joan osborne: vocals
    jack petruzzelli: guitar, organ
    kevin trainor: guitar
    chris butler: guitar
    gary frazier: bass
    dave dreiwitz: bass
    shawn peltoni: drums
    sissy siero: backing vocals

    produced by chris butler & joan osborne

  1. flyaway
  2. dreamin' about the day
  3. his eyes are a blue million miles  (van vliet)
  4. fingerprints
  5. 4 camels
  6. what you gonna do
  7. match burn twice
  8. billie listens
  9. wild world
  10. son of a preacher man
  11. get up jack