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Mike Ort is a musician from Aachen/Germany with a recording studio located in his living room. He plays the guitar, bass and a bit of keyboard. He also sings and does midi-programming.

Mike says: "As you might have guessed, I'm a  fan of Frank Zappa. From my early homerecording years on, I always found it challenging to record his compositions.
I'm planning to release a CD of my Zappa recordings an it will be named "The Fake Goatee". (...and that's what I call the "Fake Goatee Project")"

Years ago, Mike Ort recorded Frank Zappa's  'Florentine Pogen'. A recording of this track circulates.

More recently, Michael made a couple of recordings available through his website: www.mikeort.de

  1. oh no / orange county lumber truck
  2. inca roads  
  3. black page
  4. zoot allures  
  5. fembot in a wet t-shirt
  6. sy borg
  7. blessed relief
  8. sofa
  9. peaches en regalia


random notes

From: Mike Ort

Hi there,

I have two remixed and remastered Zappa songs ready for download.The songs are "Sofa" and "San Ber'Dino".They were originally recorded on a 4-track recorder in 1987...

Check 'em out ! Comments are welcome...
(by the way:there is also a version of  "Zoot Allures")


Keep up the good work...
Mike Ort


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