one more time for the world

live at kb
- all compositions by frank zappa

2004 cdr swe private release

recorded in concert, 2003/12/04
at 'kulturbolaget', malmö, sweden

john marshall gibbs: lead vocals, guitar
mathias friis hansén: percussion
hans annellsson: lead guitar
jan-åke jönsson: bass
örjan bertilsson: keyboards
joacim eriksson: keyboards
sylvester 'sly' pagmert: drums

  1. easy meat
  2. i'm the slime
  3. wet t-shirt nite
  4. elvis has just left the building
  5. anyway the wind blows
  6. andy
  7. tinseltown rebellion
  8. what's new in baltimore?
  9. cosmik debris
  10. the idiot bastard son
  11. inca roads
  12. brown shoes don't make it