Big Band Opek has performed Sun Ra's 'Discipline 27' and 'Halloween In Harlem' in concert, March 5, 2010. A video registration circulates on YouTube.

Ben Opie - sax * George Jones - conga and percussion *  *Paul Thompson - bass * Lou Stellute - sax * Dave Throckmorton - drums * Ian Gordon - trumpet * John Purse - guitar * Daryl Fleming -guitar * Ralph Guzzi - trumpet * Chuck Austin - trumpet * Rick Matt - baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute * Kevin McManus - trombone
video shot by Dr. Bruce Marion

May 31, 2013, Opek did a Sun Ra tribute concert in their hometown Pittsburgh.




Sun Ra's 'Discipline 27'

Opek at Club Cafe March 5, 2010 10th anniversary concert, opening song, Sun Ra's 'Calling Planet Earth'.
**Ben Opie says the piece is actually called Discipline 27, but Sun Ra would use it for his 'calling planet Earth' chant.**


Sun Ra's 'Halloween In Harlem'

2013 05

Ben Opie:
For the few of you stationed on Planet Earth, USA, western Pennsylvania, you might be interested in the concert on May 31. My band OPEK has been asked to do an all- (or nearly all-) Sun Ra performance, "Mostly Sun Ra" (a follow up to last year's "Mostly Miles" concert). Planned in the concert will be two unrecorded works from the LOC scores, "Satana" and "Birds Without Wings (Part 2)". Information can be found at: http://newhazletttheater.org/

2013 05

Mostly Sun Ra

OPEK Plays the Music of Sun Ra

Friday, May 318pm (doors at 7pm)

The enigmatic and mysterious musician Sun Ra drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian cultures, spiritualism, and Afro-American history to create a repertoire encompasses the entire history of American jazz from ragtime to Free.  Though his popularity peaked in the 1960s, his influence as an arranger and bandleader are still felt today.
OPEK, Pittsburgh's most innovative collective of creative improvising musicians, perform Sun Ra's music - including several unrecorded  compositions - with their own unique musical stamp, just as it was intended to be played.
Tickets are $12 advance; $16 at door.



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