don preston's akashic ensemble

the inner realities of evolution
    - feat. bunk gardner & andré cholmondeley

2003 cd usa brain records br016

recorded january - june 2002 live and studio

don preston: roland jv 1080, paiste gong, serge modular synth, ems matrix synth, buchla sequencer, effects
andré cholmondeley: guitar, synth, samples
dave ballou: trumpet, effects
elliott levin: tenor sax, flute, effects, vocals
cheri jiosne: percussion, drums, drum synth
bunk gardner: tenor sax
tina preston: voice

all selections written by don preston, except where noted

  1. sacrificial smoke
  2. the cherubim
  3. the archai
  4. knight moves  (art jarvinen)
  5. the thrones
  6. prehistoric eons, episode #6