don preston

out of the vault
- feat. bunk gardner, dave parlato, arthur barrow, bruce fowler, walt fowler, tom fowler  //  incl. 'eric dolphy' (frank zappa)

2014 cd usa brain records


don preston: keyboard, synthesizer
bunk gardner
dave parlato
arthur barrow
bruce fowler
walt fowler
tom fowler

all compositions written and produced by don preston

  1. palmer park

  2. ashes to oceans

  3. bad boy

  4. opening (from "prescription for murder")

  5. the eternal question

  6. ocean view (from "gary's walk")

  7. horta babies

  8. interlude #1

  9. inner blues

  10. sad love (from "prescription for murder")

  11. eric dolphy  (f.zappa)

  12. sweet 15

  13. amsterdam

  14. immaculate deception