the ed palermo big band

big band zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2001 cdr usa private release

bob mintzer: sax (tenor)
ed palermo: guitar, arranger, leader, sax (alto)
mike stern: guitar (electric)
paul adamy: bass (electric)
jeff holmes: trumpet, piccolo trumpet
al hunt: flute, clarinet (bass), oboe, piccolo, sax (baritone), sax (soprano)
mike keneally: guitar
dale kirkland: trombone
dan levine: trombone
ray marchica: drums
chris potter: sax (tenor)
bob quaranta: piano
dave samuels: vibraphone
jack schatz: trombone (bass)
chuck fisher: clarinet, flute, sax (tenor)
phil chester: flute, piccolo, sax (alto), sax (soprano)
liesl whitaker: trumpet

produced by ed palermo & bob belden

  1. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)
  2. ’toads of the short forest’ (frank zappa)
  3. ’who are the brain police? / holiday in berlin’ (excerpt) (frank zappa)
  4. ’twenty small cigars’ (frank zappa)
  5. ’king kong’ (frank zappa)
  6. ’aybe sea / inca roads’ (excerpt) (frank zappa)
  7. ’waka/jawaka / son of orange county’ (excerpt) (frank zappa)
  8. ’sofa #1’ (frank zappa)
  9. ’the little house i used to live in / mother people’ (excerpt) (frank zappa)
  10. 'heavy duty judy / grand wazoo' (excerpt) (frank zappa)
  11. 'finale from the carnival of the animals'
  12. ’we are not alone’ (frank zappa)
  13. 'wai,fn?'