the ed palermo big band

one child left behind
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2016 cd usa cuneiform records rune 420


  ed palermo: alto sax, arrangements
  barbara cifelli: baritone sax, eb mutant clarinet
  ronnie buttacavoli: lead trumpet
  matt ingman: bass trombone
  katie jacoby: 6-string violin and regular violin
  charles gordon: lead trombone
  john bailey: trumpet
  cliff lyons: lead alto sax, clarinet
  ben kono: 2nd tenor sax, flute, oboe
  phil chester: 2nd alto sax, flute, piccolo, soprano sax
  michael boschen: trombone
  bill straub: lead tenor sax, flute, clarinet
  ray marchica: drums
  paul adamy: electric bass
  bruce mcdaniel: guitar, vocals
  bob quaranta: acoustic piano
  ted kooshian: keyboards
special guests
  napoleon murphy brock: vocals on 1 (disc 1)
  candy zappa: vocals
  jenna mcswain: vocals
  mike james: vocals


  1. cleetus awreetus awrightus  (zappa)
  2. dirty white bucks  (palermo)
  3. spider of destiny  (zappa)
  4. scarface  (moroder)
  5. grand wazoo  (zappa)
  6. fifty-fifty  (zappa)
  7. harvest moon  (young)
  8. pygmy twylyte  (zappa)
  9. po-jama people  (zappa)
  10. kiko and the lavender moon  (hidalgo / perez)
  11. vengeance  (palermo)
  12. evelyn a modified dog  (palermo)
  13. village of the sun  (zappa)
  14. the goat patrol  (palermo)
  15. is that ll there is?  (lieber / stoller)
  16. andy  (zappa)
  17. bonus track