the ed palermo big band

the great un-american songbook - volumes III: run for your life
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2020 cd usa sky cat records


 ed palermo: band leader, arrangements
cliff lyons: alto sax, clarinet
phil chester: alto sax, flute, piccolo, soprano sax
bill straub: lead tenor sax, flute, clarinet
ben kono: tenor sax, flute, oboe
barbara cifelli: baritone sax, eb mutant clarinet
ronnie buttacavoli: lead trumpet
john bailey: trumpet
charles gordon: lead trombone
michael boschen: trombone
matt ingman: bass trombone
bob quaranta: acoustic piano
ted kooshian: keyboards
paul adamy: electric bass
ray marchica: drums
katie jacoby: electric violin
bruce mcdaniel: guitar, electric sitar, vocals, arrangements

produced by bruce mcdaniel
executive producer: ed palermo

  1. within you without you (part 1) (the beatles) / stop stop stop (the hollies)
  2. run for your life (the beatles)
  3. strawberry fields forever (the beatles) / shove it right in (frank zappa)
  4. glad (traffic)
  5. and your bird can sing (the beatles)
  6. being for the benefit of mr. kite!  (the beatles)
  7. within you withou you (part 2)  (the beatles)
  8. come together (the beatles) / chunga's revenge (frank zappa)
  9. something in the air (thunderclap newman)
  10. let's move to cleveland (frank zappa) / fixing a hole (the beatles)
  11. nothing is easy (jethro tull)
  12. a salty dog (procol harum)
  13. shine on brightly (procol harum)
  14. nights in white satin (the moody blues)  /  moggio (frank zappa)