2002 cd nl vonk 9

  hans buhrs III: vocals, electronics
  jacq palinckx: guitar
  bert palinckx: double bass, bass guitar
  alan purves: drums, percussion
  donotask: turntables, electronics, etc
  joop van brakel: vocals
  david eeles: vocals
the asko ensemble, cond.martin fondse

lyrics by han buhrs, music by jacq palinckx

  1. epilogue of an unrecorded dream
  2. don't be late
  3. dream 13 revisited
  4. jack the dripper
  5. meeting the dames
  6. dangle & crouch
  7. come as you are (the falsetto song)
  8. mr.bones can wait
  9. the actual world
  10. henry's truth
  11. fed up
  12. let's meet our noses in the mirror
  13. here's to our triumvirate
  14. sin & penance
  15. henry's void