tight spots

2006 cd nl vonk 12

  alan purves: drums, percussion, vocals, whistling, harmonica
  jacq palinckx: electric & acoustic guitars, guitarsynthesizer
  bert palinckx: double bass, bass guitar
  dj dna: turntables, moog, trombone, shouts
  hans buhrs III: vocals, lapmarimba, shaker, harmonica, electronics

produced by the palinckx band

lyrics by han buhrs, music by jacq palinckx, except where noted

  1. get on top
  2. (i sold my soul) to my other half
  3. being things  (han buhrs, jacq palincx / lyrics inspired by katrina brown)
  4. everybody's under suspicion
  5. tight spots
  6. it ain't me
  7. abracadabra  (lyrics by stefan themerson)
  8. dam square
  9. big time would be  (music by arjen de vreede)
  10. velter walked the dog
  11. locomotive breath  (ian anderson, arr. jacq palinckx)