domenico solazzo

Domenico Solazzo is involved in different artistic projects.

> solo 
> panopticon
> habemus papam
> landing grace


He has a solo project (where he records stuff alone and on his own in his own studio). Domenico describes it as: "... from neurasthenic pop to experimental stuff, it is deeply personal so impossible to qualify, but i hope you'll be able to find quality and honesty in it."


PaNoPTiCoN is his core live project.

from the PaNoPTiCoN website:
"PaNoPTiCoN is Domenico Solazzo's most ambitious project.
The idea emerged while he was recording his multi collaborative album "Multiply" in 2006.
PaNoPTiCoN is not a band, so to speak. It's more like a collective of musicians who are open and ready to dive into the most mystical forms of electric jazz improvisation, not unlike the first Weather Report recordings, Herbie Hancock's "Crossings" or Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way".

Though somehow obvious, it is quite a bet to make it happen on stage : no rehearsals are planned, never, and the line-up changes at every performance, which guarantees the spontaneity of the music played which represents quite a challenge for both the audience and the musicians themselves !

In true, PaNoPTiCoN cannot be described as a mere jamming band ; it's the reunion of people who are really willing to elevate themselves through communion in music."

The list of particpating artists is quite impressive. It includes Bart Maris and Michel Delville, to name two.


Domenico Solazzo is also playing drums and singing in a more heavy metal oriented band named Habemus Papam (inspired by Celtic Frost, Primus, Black Sabbath, Helmet and so on). They are about to enter the studio later this month (2010).


And he's playing drums and sing in a more gentle radio friendly jazzy pop band called Landing Grace.





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