Norwegian progressive rock band.

Musically, the band belongs to a tradition that includes elements from the so-called Canterbury and RiO scenes and bands like Samla Mammas Manna, Univers Zero, National Health and Frank Zappa.




  panzerpappa: passer gullfisk
    (2001, cdr, norway, panzerpappa  #1)

panzerpappa_passergullfisk.jpg (20441 bytes)

  panzerpappa: hulemysteriet
    (2003, cdr, norway, panzerpappa  #2)

panzerpappa_hulemysteriet.jpg (36280 bytes)

1 panzerpappa: farlig vandring
    (2004, cd, norway, avant audio productions)

panzerpappa_farligvandring.jpg (32368 bytes)

  various artists: osloprog
    (2005, cdr, norway, tarkus magazine nr.34) - incl. dead dino storage: 'let's move to cleveland', 'peaches en regalia' (f.zappa)

osloprog.jpg (36052 bytes)

2 panzerpappa: koralrevens klagesang
    (2006, cd, norway, avant audio productions)

panzerpappa_koralrevens.jpg (21276 bytes)

3 panzerpappa: astromalist
    (2012, cd, norway, rune grammofon)

panzerpappa_astromalist.jpg (15626 bytes)


panzerpappa: pestrottedans
    (2016, cd, italy, altrock)

panzerpappa_pestrottedans.jpg (20852 bytes)






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