the persuasions

right around the corner
    – incl. ‘lucille has messed my mind up’ (frank zappa)

1994 cd usa bullseye blues cd bb 9556

the persuasions
    jerry lawson: baritone, lead
    joe russel: second tenor, lead
    jayotis washinton: first tenor
    jimmy hayes: bass
    raymond sanders: tenor
    mac todd: baritone

  1. don't leave me here to cry
  2. little red rooster
  3. the good ol' days
  4. that's heaven to me
  5. right around the corner
  6. i'm with you
  7. i could love you if you let me
  8. come on and save me
  9. my jug and i
  10. oh, heavenly salvation
  11. lucille has messed my mind up  (frank zappa)
  12. i want to (do everything for you)
  13. love is all around