phast phreddie & thee precisions

    - incl. 'peaches en regalia', 'hungry freaks, daddy' (frank zappa)

2020 2cd usa manifesto fo 46701

reissue of the 1984 album, with bonus tracks

phast phreddie: vocals
steve berlin: saxophone
jay work: saxophone
marty jourard: saxophone
chris bailey: drums
harlan hollander: guitar
peter cas: acoustic guitar
don snowden: bass
greg stone: bass
dan kessel; piano
gene taylor: piano

disc one

  1. limbo
  2. lester leaps in
  3. sweet gin
  4. misery (i don't need it)
  5. night train
  6. oooh wow
  7. walk with me baby
  8. out in the cold again
  9. in walked bud
  10. well well baby
  11. money's gettin' cheaper
  12. rebop boogie blues
  13. compared to what
  14. limbo II
  15. west hollywood freeze-out
  16. that mellow saxophone
  17. sloppy drunk
  18. drinkin' time
  19. good-bye my love
  20. walk with me baby

disc two

  1. what a friend i have in whiskey (live)
  2. in the midnight hour
  3. sweet gin (soul gin) (live)
  4. in walked bud (live)
  5. last tango in paris (live)
  6. only lovers left alive
  7. peaches en regalia
  8. i live the life i love
  9. empty feeling
  10. topsy part two
  11. if you gotta go, go now
  12. stone free
  13. only lovers left alive
  14. put me in the dungeon
  15. hungry freaks daddy
  16. fade away
  17. the ostrich
  18. groovin' is easy
  19. waiting for the sun to shine
  20. people