jay phlitman & kim kangaroo


2000 cdr bel lama recordings 006

original soundtrack for the motion picture "sapori"

jay phlitman: vocals, guitar, bass, drums (3), synth (2),...
kim kangaroo: organ, synth, sampler, tape, drums, sax (3), tenorsax (9), backing vocal
david treesome: sax (1,7), drums (8), guitar (10)
r.landingroom: drums (10)
aloysius donimo: bass (10)

written and produced by phlitman & kangaroo

  1. dance... etc (opening theme)
  2. sapori (main theme)
  3. gold stream riveter's daughter pure acid (move all night)
  4. hay
  5. little dead man
  6. sapori (wilbur's theme)
  7. all the word loves bo's burgers
  8. man with the polyethelene bag
  9. flotation do not warn
  10. sapori (battle baby theme)
  11. ou sont mes lunettes? (end theme)