pipco I
    - incl. various zappa compositions

1996 k7 italy private release

recorded at camarillo studio, 1996
mixed at sole studio, 1996

gioele asioli - vocals
giuliano gavagna - vocals, sax
gianluca "el ragno" zangheri - vocals
paolo guiducci - guitar, vocals
salvatore "turi" trapani - guitar
luca silvestri - bass
marco zoffoli - drums

artworks by marco & william

produced by pipco

all songs composed by f. zappa

side 1

  1. hungry freaks, daddy

  2. trouble every day

  3. big leg emma

  4. the torure never stops

  5. tinsel-town rebellion

  6. heavenly bank account

  7. whippin' post

  8. lumpy gravy

side 2

  1. zoot allures

  2. medley
      a) my guitar wants to kill your mama
      b) willie the pimp
      c) camarillo brillo
      d) muffin man

  3. chunga's revenge