sarteano zappa day 96 - volume 2
    - incl. various bands playing zappa compositions

1996 k7 italy private release

Recorded at the Sarteano Zappa Day 1996

joele asioli: vocals, tenor sax & harmonica
giuliano gavagna: vocals, tenor sax
gianluca 'el ragno' zangheri: vocals
paolo 'yunix' guiducci: guitar
roberto 'roby one kenoby" dusi: guitar
luca 'smanetta' silvestri: bass
marco 'sabian' zoffoli: drums & vocals

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. intropipco
  2. chunga's revenge
  3. big problem introduction
  4. stinkfoot
  5. what's new in baltimore
  6. tinseltown rebellion
  7. trouble every day
  8. big leg emma
  9. dirty love / keep it greasy
  10. the torture never stops
  11. lumpy gravy
  12. church song introduction
  13. heavenly bank account
  14. my guitar wants to kill your mama
  15. willie the pimp
  16. camarillo brillo
  17. muffin man
  18. whippin' post (allman)