the plaster caster blues band

the plaster casters
    - 'you didn't try to ball me', dedicated to frank zappa

1969 7"-promo usa bluestime / flying dutchman 9001


bobby bryant: trumpet
arthur adams: guitar
jules chaiken: vocals
max hardy: drums
gildo mahones: organ, piano, keyboards
ellen sander: vocals
george smith: harmonica
clifford solomon: saxophone, vocal

produced by bob thiele

  1. lanoola goes limp

  2. seven foot drummer from fleetwood mac

  3. joint venture

  4. you didn't try to ball me (for frank zappa)

  5. banks of barclay

  6. welcome hamptons outstanding

  7. plaster caster

  8. chicago charva chapter

  9. diane's blue plate special

  10. blues for big jimi

  11. pray tell brian