polytoxicomane philharmonie

polytoxicomane philharmonie plays psycho erectus

2003 lp ger nasoni

recorded from october 2002 to may 2003

howling mad fishli: vocals, spacewhisper, spaceguitar, soundeffects
commander i.m.crab: vocals, guitar, heroic speech
matelot au vin: woodwinds, juggle with horns
the emir of quaver: drums, vocal
wum: guitar, hair-style
onkel: bass, e-piano, keys, soundeffects, whip

arranged, recorded, mixed & produced by onkel

side one

  1. poisonous moth
  2. fuddle pie & puddle fie
  3. sulphur

side two

  1. chanson verte
  2. too sad, lady mushroom
  3. lokus pokus