Pontiak is made up of three brothers from the Blue Ridge farm country of Virginia, Van (guitar, lead vocals), Lain (drums, vocals) and Jennings Carney (bass, organ, vocals). Their music is swaggering guitar rock that straddles the line between a power trio and something far more expansive in sound and scope.

Pontiak performed Captain Beefheart's 'Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles' in concert at the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe in Urbana, IL, usa.



Picture on the right was taken by Rhinowing at the 2008/09/18 concert.


  pontiak: valley of cats
    (200?, cd, usa, ??)
  pontiak: sun on sun
    (2007, cd, usa, ??)
  pontiak: kale   /  arbouretum: ??
    (2008, 12", usa, thrilljockey)




the others of invention



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