frizzle fry
    - incl.'constantinople', 'hello skinny' (the residents)

2002 cd usa prawn song records psr-0004-2


tim "herb" alexander: drums
larry lalonde: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
les claypool: electric bass, electric fiddle bass, string bass, vocals


  1. to defy the laws of tradition
  2. groundhog's day
  3. too many puppies
  4. mr. knowitall
  5. frizzle fry
  6. john the fisherman
  7. you can't kill michael malloy
  8. the toys go winding down
  9. pudding time
  10. sathington willoughby
  11. spegetti western
  12. harold of the rocks
  13. to defy
  14. hello skinny / constantinople (the residents)