graffiti bridge

1990 2lp usa warner bros. records


produced, arranged, composed and performed by prince

morris day: drums, backing vocals
candy dulfer: saxophone
tevin campbell: vocals
joseoph 'amp' fiddler: additional keyboards
eric leeds: saxophone
atlanta bliss: trumpet
jerome benton: backing vocals
elisa fiorillo: vocals
levi seacer jr.: bass
the steeles: backing vocals
sheela e.: drums
boni boyer: organ



side one

  1. can't stop this feeling i got
  2. new power generation
  3. release it
  4. the question of u

side two

  1. elephants & flowers
  2. round and round
  3. we can funk
  4. joy in repetition

side three

  1. love machine
  2. tick, tick, bang
  3. shake!
  4. thieves in the temple

side four

  1. the latest fashion
  2. melody cool
  3. still would stand all time
  4. graffiti bridge
  5. new power genereation pt.II