hitnrun phase two

2015 cd usa npg records

produced, arranged, composed & performed by prince and the new power generation

  prince: all vocals, guitar
  ida nielsen: bass
  john blackwell: drums
  cassandra o'neal: keyboards
  andrew gouche: bass
  shelby j.: vocals
  liv warfield: vocals
  elisa dease: vocals
  andy allo: vocals
  eryn allen kane: vocals  1
  nicholas marchione: trumpet
  steve reid: trumpet
  philip lassiter: trumpet
  lynn grisset: trumpet
  roy agee: trombone
  adrian crutchfield: alto sax, flute
  marcus anderson: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
  keith anderson: tenor sax
  bk jackson: baritone sax
  sylvester anyejiaka: baritone sax
  xavier taplin: keyboards  4
  justin stanley: keyboards and handclaps  3
  ledisi: vocals  12

  1. baltimore
  2. rocknroll loveaffair
  3. 2 y. 2 d.
  4. look at me, look at u
  5. stare
  6. xtraloveable
  7. groovy potential
  8. when she comes
  9. screwdriver
  10. black muse
  11. revelation
  12. big city