indigo nights

2008 cd usa npg records

only available with the "21 nights" photobook

  prince: all instruments & vocals
  beverly knight: vocals
  shelby j.: vocals

produced, arranged, composed & performed by prince
except where noted

  1. 3121 (incl. d.m.s.r.)

  2. girls & boys

  3. song of the heart

  4. delirious

  5. just like u (monologue)

  6. satisfied

  7. beggin' woman blues

  8. rock steady (aretha franklin)   - beverley knight on vocals

  9. whole lotta love (led zeppelin)

  10. alphabet st.

  11. indigo nights

  12. misty blue (ella fitzgerald-cover)   - shelby j. on vocals

  13. baby love (mother's finest-cover)   - shelby j. on vocals

  14. the one (incl. the question of u)

  15. all the critics love u in london