the private lightning six

the came down
    - incl. zappa sample in 'it's not my fault'

1996 cd austria morbid cd 01

g. potuznik: vocals, electric guitar, modular systems
e. tunakan: vocals, stringarrangement, synthezizers
p. pulsinger: drumprogramming, sequencing, scratches
f. art sokol: saxophone, rhodes piano, turbo rat
h. gollini: organs and all kinds of tuning
a. orel: roomservice and littering

  1. baby fm
  2. jumbo
  3. jack together on the corner
  4. it's not my fault
  5. get fucked up!
  6. bathroom?
    down the hall
    on your left hand side
  7. future music
  8. sweet weed
  9. have a cigar, my friend