project z

freak me out, frank
    - feat. all compositions by frank zappa

2021 download spain private release


ruth ali: guitar
zé paulo: bass
corinna horster: violin
sofia andrade: flute
filipe: drums
joao: drums
samuel: tenor sax
adriana aboim  on motherly love


  1. ain't got no heart
  2. duke of prunes
  3. go cry on somebody else's shoulder
  4. you're probably wondering why i'm here
  5. big leg emma
  6. brown shoes don't make it
  7. i'm not satisfied
  8. america drinks & goes home
  9. help, i'm a rock - transylvania boogie
  10. it can't happen  here
  11. run home slow
  12. how could i be such a fool
  13. more trouble every day
  14. status back baby
  15. uncle berni's farm
  16. son of suzy creamcheese
  17. anyway the wind blow
  18. you didn't try to call me
  19. call any vegetable
  20. motherly love
  21. who are the brain police
  22. why don't you do me right?
  23. hungry freaks, daddy