purple brain

    - incl.'let's make the water turn black', 'absolutely free' (frank zappa)

1989 k7 nl private release

recorded 1988/12/28 and 1989/03/11

marco braam: piano, vocals
remco takken: guitar, vocals
yvette takken: bass, percussion
alman werkhoven: guitar
eric zuiderbeek: drums

  1. what a shame
  2. let's make the water turn black (f.zappa)
  3. hurry hurry
  4. gut feeling
  5. absolutely free (f.zappa)
  6. it's easy to be sad (instrumental)
  7. her eyes were hazel (memory hotel)
  8. it's easy to be sad (vocal)
  9. (do) not fade away (a solo)
  10. you can't do without