mike reed's people, places & things

stories and negotiations
- feat. julian priester // incl. 'el is a sound of joy' (sun ra)

2010 cd usa 482 music 482-1070

recorded live in chicago's millennium park on 2008/08/25

art hoyle: trumpet & flugelhorn
julian priester: trombone
ira sullivan: tenor saxophone
jeb bishop: trombone
greg ward: alto saxophone
tim haldeman: tenor saxophone
jason roebke: bass
mike reed: drums

executive producer: mike lintner 

  1. song of a star (john jenkins)

  2. third option (for art hoyle) (mike reed)

  3. el is a sound of joy (sun ra)

  4. wilbur's tune (wilbur campbell)

  5. the and of 2 (for ira sullivan)(mike reed)

  6. door #1 (for julian priester) (mike reed)

  7. urnack (julian priester)

  8. lost and found (cliffor jordan)