rockette morton

love space

2003 cd usa bs8981

recorded a bomark studios

rockette morton (mark boston): bass, guitar, vocals, ...
butch giusto: piano
wayne preston: sax
freda jefferson: backup vocals
denise williams: backup vocals
les kitchings: backup vocals
wayne preston: backup vocals
sandra simmon: backup vocals
cherelle stevens: backup vocals
lenwood morris: backup vocals
zoot horn rollo (bill harkleroad): guitar  10

  1. gonna take a rocket
  2. just like a lover
  3. the ring of morton
  4. there's no place like love
  5. let me know
  6. space shuttle you're so subtle
  7. let my ego
  8. smoke signals in the fog
  9. love space
  10. the black hole boogie
  11. whole man