(1987, cd, italy, black saint)
(2010, 2lp, italy, get back records)

(2014, 4cd, italy, black saint)

sun ra and his arkestra

reflections in blue

1987 lp italy black saint

    (1987, cd, italy, black saint bsr 0101 cd)
    (2010, 2lp, italy, get back records get0721dlp) = "reflections in blue" + "hours after"
    (2014, 4cd, italy, black saint) = "reflections in blue" + "hours after" + "mayan temples" + "tribute to stuff smith"

recorded december 18 - 19, 1986 at the jingle machine studio, milan, italy

sun ra arkestra
  randall murray: trumpet
  tyrone hill: trombone
  pat patrick: alto saxophone, clarinet
  marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, oboe, piccolo
  danny ray thompson: alto and baritone saxophone, flute, bongos
  john gilmore: tenor saxophone, clarinet, timbales
  leroy taylor: alto saxophone, alto and bass clarinet
  james jackson: basoon, african drums
  ronald wilson: tenor saxophone
  carl leblanc: guitar
  sun ra: piano, synthesizer, vocal
  tyler mitchell: bass
  thomas hunter: drums
  earl 'buster' smith: drums

produced by giovanni bonandrini

  1. state street chicago
  2. nothin' from nothin'
  3. yesterdays
  4. say it isn't so
  5. i dream too much
  6. reflections in blue