andreas schaerer's hildegard lernt fliegen

the waves are rising, dear!

2020 cd ger the act company


andreas schaerer: vocals
andreas tschopp: trombone, tuba
matthias wenger: saxophones and flute
benedikt reising: saxophones, bass clarinet
marco müller: bass
christoph steiner: drums, marimba
vincent peirani: accordion  6
jessana némitz: voic  6

all music and lyrics by andreas schaerer, except lyrics on 04 by soweto kinch

produced by andreas schaerer and martin ruch

  1. dripping point
  2. the waves are rising, dear!
  3. irrlicht
  4. symptoms, causes and treatments
  5. to wander towards
  6. embraced by the earth
  7. numb, at last
  8. water
  9. love warrior: part I-IV