cracked latin

the world is cracked latin!

2010 cd usa transparency 0327


lane steinberg: vocals, instruments
luis accorsi: vocals, instruments
tony 'fats' musante: drums
emila sousa: percussion
edwin perez: trumpet
renny lopez: trombone
jose reyes: saxophone
elvin arone: piano, vibes, keys & horn arrangements

written by lane steinberg & luis accorsi


  1. your miami

  2. my hallucination

  3. the caracas shakedown

  4. the expatriate

  5. en estos tiempos

  6. xulfa

  7. we are cracked latin!

  8. the lord jim

  9. aceite

  10. in memory of a departed therapist

  11. international accident

  12. diggin' bonez

  13. wicked (she's wicked)