cracked latin

alone with you

2011 cd usa transparency 0329

recorded in nyc, april 2009 - august 2011

lane steinberg: vocals, instruments
luis accorsi: vocals, instruments
tony 'fats' musante: drums
emila sousa: percussion
edwin perez: trumpet
renny lopez: trombone
oswaldo santos: saxophone
elvin arone: piano, vibes, keys & horn arrangements
alla taube: background vocals  5
r.stevie moore: guitar, strings  4
sami merdinian: violin  4
sarah whitney: violin  4
angela pickett: viola  4
laura metcalf: cello  4
drew farmer: string arrangement  4

produced by lane steinberg

written by lane steinberg & luis accorsi, except where noted

  1. the magic words

  2. ringtone

  3. mal donato

  4. a little bit of loving  (steinberg, accorsi, moore)

  5. love is agony

  6. sobs in december

  7. la puerta azul

  8. alone with you

  9. when you're here beside me

  10. nunca muchos, nunca mas

  11. the immigrant song

  12. my miami