daniele sepe

a note spiegate
    - incl. 'sofa', 'king kong' (frank zappa)

2015 cd italy mvm 055 / goodfellas

also released as a limited edition 2cd set

recorded in napoli, italy on june 22, 23 and 24, 2014

paolo romano 'shaone': vocals
daniele sepe: tenor and soprano sax, tubular bells
pietro santagelo: tenor sax  3
alessandro tedesco: trombone
pietro festa: musical sax
franco giacoia: electric guitar
tommy de paola: piano, celesta, keyboard
davide costagliola: electric bass
robertinho bastos: congas, percussion
paolo forlini: drums, percussion

produced and arranged by daniele sepe

  1. fables of faubus  (ch.mingus)
  2. blue room  (s.rollins)
  3. mercy, mercy, mercy  (j.zawinul)
  4. loose bloose  (b.evans)
  5. sofa  (f.zappa)
  6. king kong  (f.zappa)
  7. mademoiselle mabry  (m.davis)
  8. big nick - u'n'l  (coltrane)
  9. antonico  (l.barbieri)
  10. palladium  (j.zawinul)
  11. so much trouble in the world - e la luna bussÚ  (b.marley)
  12. out on the tiles  (j.bonham, j.page, r.plant)
  13. 'round midnight  (t.monk)