harry slinger

Harry Slinger is best known as lead singer of the (late) Dutch band Drukwerk. As a solo artist, he recorded Frank Zappa's 'Harder Than Your Husband' on his "Naar Je Hart" album in 1995.


  harry slinger: naar je hart
    (1995, cd, nl, emi 8340112 002) – incl. ‘harder dan de buurman’ (=’harder than your husband’) (frank zappa)


random notes

info from marc de bruyn:
Dutch artist. When he was 18 he played drums in a band called the hot patatos swingers, which would see many different bandmembers throughout the years, and which used to change its name from time to time. In 1976 the first "real" group emerged: drukwerk. In 1980 drukwerk had a hit single ("je loog tegen mij" - "you lied to me") for 6 weeks (number 1 in "hitparade"). Harry slinger later became a solo artist.
I think "naar je hart" (published in 1995) was his first solo cd.

info from Nico Robbemont:
"Naar Je Hart" is Harry Slinger's second solo album. It includes dutch interpretations of songs by Leonard Cohen, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and Rod Stewart, to name a few.


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