andreas schaerer's hildegard lernt fliegen

... vom fernen kern der sache

2009 cd ger unit records utr 4221


  andreas schaerer: vocals, composition
  andreas tschopp: trombone & tuba
  matthias wenger: alto & soprano saxopohone
  patrick schnyder: tenor & baritone sax, contrabass clarinet
  marco müller: double bass
  christoph steiner: drums, marimba & typewriter
  vera kappeler: harmonium  3


  1. lanjusto
  2. the arrival of lee pershn sirgal
  3. a tale from the forest
  4. vom fernen kern der sache
  5. knock code 3
  6. seldeom was coered with snow and an old aok
  7. the angry man
  8. sad lily

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