jeff simmons

lucille has messed my mind up  (2)
    - produced by fz, feat.ian underwood & fz,
incl. 'lucille...' (frank zappa)

1969 lp usa straight records sts 1057

    (2007, cd, ??, world in sound) - combined with "naked angels"
    (2008, cd, usa, collector's choice music)

1969 studio recording

jeff simmons: keyboards, bass, vocals
frank zappa: lead guitar on 5, 6
craig tarwater: guitar
ian underwood: saxophones
ron woods: drums, percussion
john kehlior: drums on 5, 6

produced by lamarr bruister (frank zappa) and chris huston

  1. appian way  (j.simmons)

  2. zondo zondo  (j.simmons)

  3. madame du barry  (j.simmons)

  4. i'm in the music business  (j.simmons)

  5. lucille has messed my mind up  (lamarr bruister (f.zappa))

  6. raye  (j.simmons)

  7. wonderful wino  (lamarr bruister (f.zappa), j.simmons)

  8. tigres  (j.simmons)

  9. aqueous humore  (j.simmons)

  10. conversations with a recluse  (j.simmons)