lane steinberg

passion & faith

2010 cd usa transparency 0326

recorded in forest hill, ny between march 2007 and december 2009  

performed by lane steinberg except:
track 2 additional music & vocals by r.stevie moore
track 4 music by the privoz string quartet
  roma kremen: violin
  yefim yaroshevskyi: 2nd violin
  leonia kinoshever: viola
  sabina lurie: cello

  1. a pagina do relampago electrico

  2. what do i do with the rest of my life?

  3. clube da esquina

  4. happy holidaze

  5. two bananas (and they're both brown)

  6. equatorial

  7. how insensitive (insensatez)

  8. christmas in peru

  9. why can't people just talk about the weather?

  10. paixao e fe

  11. what are be whys?

  12. dark star

  13. fuck on!