marty smyth

    - incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)

2007 cd canada gramtam

re-released on cdr by cdbaby

recorded at timothy eaton memorial chruch, toronto

marty smyth: pipe organ
eric morin: drums and percussion
andrea wappel: vocals  2, 5
daniel kushner: violin  1, 2
kristen theriault: harp  4, 6
andrew moore: keys, sampling  8


  1. blue rondo  (dave brubeck)
  2. kashmir  (bonham, page, plant)
  3. housing of the rising  (english traditional)
  4. nights in white satin  (justin hayward)
  5. a whiter shade of pale  (brooker, reid)
  6. bolero  (maurice ravel)
  7. peaches en regalia  (frank zappa)
  8. jam hot  (marty smyth)