salty iguanas

emerald city
    – incl. ‘willie the pimp’ (frank zappa)

1995 cd usa mercy records mirsi-016cd

    barry osbourn: lead, rhythm guitar, vocals
    charlie wolf: bass, backing vocals
    sebastian alfie: lead, rhythm guitar, vocals 15
    paul matthews: drums, percussion, vibes, vocals 2,14
    jesse larson: drums 3
    david lipkind: harmonica  12
    mary walker: additional vocals  1,2
    gretchen cly: additional vocals 1,4,5,11
    matt lapoint: keyboards 5
    robert rebeck: backup vocals 1,4,15

produced by robert rebeck and the salty iguanas

  1. midnight flyer
  2. shed your skin
  3. climb
  4. all is one
  5. lonesome me
  6. hayride
  7. to the sea
  8. today
  9. i got a snake
  10. willie the pimp  (frank zappa)
  11. mud wrestling queen
  12. all of it
  13. we are gasoline
  14. lady you're nasty
  15. words are wasted