the rudy schwartz project

droplets on the rim
    incl. 'pygmy twylyte' (frank zappa)

1994 k7 usa joe newman

joe newman: guitar, vocals,...

  1. answer the phone (coleman)
  2. snot-mouth tweedle / the pastor (hoshor)
  3. man in the dark sedan (snakefinger)
  4. iron foundry (theme from plan 9) (mossolov)
  5. cripes, it's them bubblin' beans (newman)
  6. egg salad variations (newman)
  7. turn out the lights and let my vomit come through (newman)
  8. generic love song (newman)
  9. peter gunn medley (irwin, et al)
  10. ernest borgnine memorial birthday party
  11. on top of old smokey (traditional)
  12. georgy girl (springfield, dale)
  13. i've written a letter to daddy (unknown)
  14. christmas time's for assholes (newman)
  15. cha-cah with me, doodles (newman)
  16. pygmy twylyte (frank zappa)
  17. pimento (cameron, newman)
  18. beatles pus medley (lennon, mccartney, harrison)
  19. don't make fun of the beatles (ryland)
  20. catlitter waltz (newman)
  21. freddie morgan (newman)
        here comes me.banjo
        press down for new roll
  22. people are scum (irwin, et al)
  23. comedy 101 spot (newman)
  24. you can become a republican too (newman)
  25. tuesday (rolen, newman)
  26. snot-mouth tweedle (hoshor)
  27. pumpkin practice (newman)
  28. bob eubank initiation ritual (newman)
  29. fucking up while rehearsing "coathangerman" (leinweber)
  30. bob eubank cumbia (newman)
  31. visiting dave at dobie mall (cameron, newman)
  32. happy together (bonner, gordon)
  33. joe and dave's first ouija board (cameron, newman)
  34. colgate clean (public domain)
  35. venus in furs (lou reed)
  36. aquapus (ian anderson)