the rudy schwartz project, the personalities, booger 9000 & the politicians

droplets on the rim - volume 1
    - incl. 'man in the dark sedan' (snakefinger), 'pygmy twylyte' (f.zappa)

2005 cdr usa schwartztone

joe newman: guitar, bass, drum programming, kazoo & vocals
jamsheed agaghi: drums
dave cameron: drums, vocals
lee ann cameron: vocals
brooks coleman: drums, sarcasm
susannah erler: violin
dave irwin: bass, vocals
bill jagitsch: lead guitar
shannon lawson: bass
gregg leinweber: guitar
linda nowotny: clarinet, vocals
dirk ride: drums
patty ryland: indignation
shane shelton: keyboards
marty wilcox: vocals
terry wooten: guitar, vocals

  1. dumbfuck accorciato  (satan)
  2. dress me  (frederick hollander)
  3. snot mouth tweedle / the pastor  (hoshor)
  4. man in the dark sedan  (snakefinger)
  5. iron foundry  (mossolov)
  6. cripes. it's them bubblin' beans  (newman)
  7. egg salad variations  (newman)
  8. mustapha  (mercury)
  9. trailer queen  (mercury, newman)
  10. religion as a crutch  (newman)
  11. ernest borgnine memorial birthday party  (cameron)
  12. don't get charred; get puffy  (newman)
  13. coming to a school board near you  (newman)
  14. beatles pus medley  (lennon, mccarney, harrison)
  15. catlitter waltz (newman)
  16. i've written a letter to daddy / christmas time's for assholes  (frank devol, newman)
  17. cobweb hotel  (timberg, rothberg)
  18. turn out the lights (and let my vomit come through)  (newman)
  19. pimento  (cameron, newman)
  20. the human tornado  (rudy ray moore, ben e.taylor)
  21. pygmy twylyte  (frank zappa)
  22. government sanctioned atrophy  (newman)
  23. kill for god (newman)