the rudy schwartz project, the personalities, booger 9000 & the politicians

droplets on the rim - volume 2

2005 cdr usa schwartztone

joe newman: guitar, bass, drum programming, kazoo & vocals
lizz bass: c-melody sax
will black: harmonica
lee ann cameron: vocals, kazoo
lisa cameron: drums, vocals, guitar
brooks coleman: drums
susannah erler: violin
dave irwin: bass, vocals, kazoo
bill jagitsch: lead guitar
mark kraeder: baritone sax
shannon lawson: bass
gregg leinweber: guitar
dirk ride: drums
lewis rolen: vocals, washboard, kazoo
marty wilcox: vocals, trumpet
terry wooten: guitar, vocals, whistling

  1. dumbfuck accorciato # 2
  2. everyone says i love you  (bert kalmar, harry ruby)
  3. cha cha with me, doodles  (newman)
  4. i married bob  (newman)
  5. peter gunn  (henry mancini)
  6. bob eubanks initiation ritual  (newman)
  7. fucking up while rehearsing coathangerman  (leinweber)
  8. bob eubanks cumbia  (newman)
  9. freddie morgan: a) here comes mr.banjo  b) press down for new roll  (newman)
  10. the medicinal properties of chicken  (newman)
  11. moammar's tractor  (newman)
  12. polyps are forever  (newman)
  13. love theme from booger 9000  (newman, jagitsch, lawson, ride)
  14. at the illinois pole barn clusterfuck  (newman)
  15. on top of old smokey  (traditional)
  16. georgy girl  (springfield, dale)
  17. rasta in the morning  (irwin)
  18. joe and lisa's first ouija board  (cameron, newman)
  19. mr.peacock  (walter slivinski)
  20. people are scum  (irwin, newman, leinweber, coleman)
  21. comedy 101 promotional spot  (newman)
  22. dumbfuck accorciato # 3
  23. you can become a republican too  (nawman)
  24. tuesday  (rolen, newman)
  25. snot mouth tweedle  (hoshor)
  26. an orange is nothing but a juicy pumpkin  (newman)
  27. wailin' jack  (newman)