the scofflaws

record of convictions
    - incl. 'any way the wind blows' (frank zappa)

1998 cd usa moon ska records mr128


buford o'sullivan: trombone, theremin and lead vocals
ben klingberg: guitar
tony calarco: alto sax
richard 'sammy' brooks: tenor sax and lead vocals
glen saunders: acoustic and electric bass
john soldo: drums and percussion
jerica rosenblum: keys

produced by dave o'neil

  1. show band anthem
  2. i can't decide
  3. what i think
  4. in the basement
  5. any way the wind blows (frank zappa)
  6. soul twist
  7. lost to the t.v.
  8. ga juma
  9. beautiful vice
  10. the good, the bad, and the ugly
  11. college student
  12. on hold with quackie
  13. rumanian ska
  14. don't listen to your monkey
  15. estellina
  16. nightmare
  17. time of the seasno