shakers n' bakers

From the website:
"Shakers n' Bakers performs Shaker "Vision" songs. These are songs that were received in states of trance by young women of the Shaker religious community during the years 1830-50.
These songs were researched in Shaker archives and many are sung in languages of inspiration (including moon language). This music is interpreted through the lens of creative music by leading improvisors on the New York scene, and travels stylistically from free jazz to rock anthems, but always with love and respect for the sacred origins of the songs."



shakers n' bakers: s/t
    (2006, cd, usa, little (i) music cd 102)

shakersbakers_st.jpg (29489 bytes)


shakers n' bakers: yf-z (yearning for zion)
    (2008, cd, usa, little (i) music cd 103)

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