"The seven-piece Slivovitz reside in Naples, Italy and are devoted to a poly-stylistic mangling whose forebears include Frank Zappa and John Zorn. Much of their core material also arrives from the folkloric knees-ups of the Balkan regions. These elements are confidently and knowledgeably handled, as they're fed through the jazz rock mincer."



slivovitz: slivovitz
    (2005, cd, italy, ethnoworldmusic ew records ejcd006)


slivovitz: hubris
(2010, cd, usa, moonjune records)

slivovitz_hubris.jpg (35398 bytes)

3 slivovitz: bani ahead
    (2011, cd, usa, moonjune records)

slivovitz_bani_ahead.jpg (18704 bytes)

4 slivovitz: all you can eat
    (2015, cd, usa, moonjune records)
slivovitz_allyoucaneat.jpg (49254 bytes)
5 slivovitz: liver
    (2017, cd, usa, moonjune records)
slivovitz_liver.jpg (22798 bytes)






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